Big Marijuana Big Mistake wants people to be aware of what you can get from marijuana. Here are some basic facts about it that all of us should be aware of.

It decreases your life satisfaction. It will be hard for you to be contented and appreciate the good things happening around you.

The continuous usage of Marijuana can deplete your IQ level as much as 8 points gradually. You will be less effective and less smart.

Hallucinations will be constant happenings in your life if there will be continuous usage of Marijuana. You will be paranoid out of simple things that are going on around you.

Marijuana can cause anxiety to people. You will be thinking that someone has been following you constantly.

It is also the leading cause of relationship problems such as domestic violence.

Marijuana is also the reasons why there are people who are having an issue in doing some complicated things. A person who uses the drug is not capable of multi-tasking.

There will be more facts updated from time to time. You just need to check on us, and we will surely provide you more facts about the drug that can ruin our lives.